Have you been neglecting the appearance of your smile in recent years? Are your teeth or the gaps in your smile telling the world that you don’t practice good oral hygiene at home or preventive dentistry from a dentist near you in Holmdel, NJ? If so, those issues can easily and affordably be corrected by the expert team at A&A Dental and our suite of restorative dentistry services.

How Restorative Dentistry from A&A Can Improve Your Smile

At A&A Dental, we use the latest technologies and materials to help patients like you restore their smiles. Our restoration services include dental fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, and dental crowns. We also have many auxiliary services such as teeth whitening that can be the added touch of perfection in a smile makeover.

Why It’s Important to Replace a Missing Tooth

When you have one or more missing teeth that do not get replaced shortly after they’ve been lost, your remaining teeth will start to shift out of place in an attempt to close the gap. When this happens, it creates gaps between your teeth that did not previously exist. The concern about these gaps is that they create new areas for infection and decay to invade your once healthy teeth.

What follows is decay, gum disease, and the possible loss of additional teeth. Instead of waiting for that to happen, we can help you retain the health of your smile with a dental implant or a dental bridge. Modern dentistry has made these two procedures a top choice for patients who want to regain the confidence of their complete smile.

What You Can Do in the Short Term

If you’re not ready for a dental restoration right now, it’s important to have regular professional dental cleanings from a dentist like A&A Dental to ensure your teeth are being cleaned as thoroughly as possible. When you visit our Holmdel, NJ dentist office for a dental exam or professional teeth cleaning, you can stay ahead of the risk of further tooth loss or periodontal disease.

If you’re ready to reclaim the vibrancy and health of your smile with a dental restoration or preventive dentistry, we invite you to make an appointment today!

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