Millions of Americans wear dentures or partials for improved dental aesthetics and oral health. You may use a partial or full denture set depending on your dental requirement. Our qualified dentists at A&A Dental will help you understand the benefits, types, and costs of dentures and help you choose the most suitable one.

How You Can Benefit from Partials

Partial dentures can be removed wherever you like, and they help replace one or more missing teeth. Partial dentures are an ideal option to restore and shape and function of your jaw. Most partial dentures are made out of acrylic or metal, and they have the necessary strength to support you while you speak or chew.

The best part about them is that they also appear very natural and add to the overall aesthetics of your smile. While acrylic dentures, in general, tend to be less durable compared to metal ones, they have their own uses.

Our Dental Specialists Will Explain All the Features and Benefits

Partials are less-invasive and more affordable compared to other options for missing teeth replacement. As our qualified consultants will tell you, partials also help keep your jaw, facial muscles, and gums active and engaged while giving you the confidence of sporting a complete smile.

In certain cases, for example, if there are too many missing teeth that need to be replaced, you may need a full denture. We will take care of everything right from a thorough evaluation to the fitting of your partials or full dentures. Dentures, whether partial or full, take some practice to insert or take out, and our dentists will be happy to help in every way.

Contact A&A Dental for Our Wide Range of Partials and Full Dentures

Our dental team will provide comprehensive instructions on how to use and remove your dentures or partials. They will also examine your mouth to ensure that the denture fits comfortably and is not pressing down on any area of the gums.

Contact us in Holmdel, NJ, by phone, email, or through our website, and feel free to book an appointment at your convenience.

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