The Importance of Children's Dentistry

Nov 01, 2020

The earlier children begin getting regular dental examinations, the healthier their mouths remain throughout their lives. Initial dental exams help prevent cavities and tooth decay, which lead to pain, challenges concentrating, and other medical problems. Children with healthy teeth can chew food appropriately, smile with confidence, and learn to speak clearly.

A child’s first dental visit should be no later than age one, recommend the American Academy of pediatric dentistry and the American Dental Association. The early dental visit to the children’s dentist educates parents and the child’s caregiver on caring for children’s teeth and helping them remain cavity-free.

Children’s dentistry in Holmdel sees many children with cavities developing from falling asleep with a bottle of juice or milk. They frequently tell the parent or caregiver why the habit causes tooth decay. They stress upon the importance of encouraging children to drink water, juice, and milk from a cup as they approach their first birthday. Pediatric dentistry in Holmdel encourages mothers to stop on-demand breastfeeding during the night after the baby’s first tooth has erupted.

Chronic Dental Problems among Children

Tooth decay is a chronic issue among children in the United States. Approximately 40 percent of children are affected by tooth decay before reaching kindergarten, according to the centers for disease control and prevention. Tooth decay is entirely preventable, but 60 percent of elementary school age children suffer from this issue. Over 20 percent of children have cavities in at least seven teeth.

Children’s dentistry provides gentle and expert care for children starting from infancy until adolescence. They have specialty clinics offering comprehensive services for children with special needs and children affected by cancer.

Why Choose Children’s Dentistry for Your Child?

You may assume your family dentist provides adequate care to you and other members of your family. Therefore you may think your child also will receive equal attention. However, it is an error you must not commit because your family dentist hasn’t received the specialized education pediatric dentists receive. They are undoubtedly capable of treating patients of all ages. However, treating young children is a different matter and needs help from a specialist rather than a general dentist.

Pediatric dentists acquire additional education after completing dental school and are trained to manage children with special needs. Many are even board certified as specialists in the field of treating children. Caring for children compassionately and lovingly is a habit they pick up during their specialized education.

Professionals in children’s dentistry can identify the oral disease and its complications in children early. The dentist undoubtedly is responsible for educating a childhood free from pain and dental disease for all children regardless of ethnicity, nationality, or socio-economic background. Pediatric dentists create a broader concept of a dental home best serving the needs of children.

The clinical management of children’s teeth is fraught with developmental defects. Children’s dentistry in Holmdel adequately identifies the deficiencies and offers appropriate treatment promptly. Leaving the child at the mercy of a general dentist can expose them to oral and overall health defects in later life. Pediatric dentists are experts in diagnosing these defects to understand how the dental tissues are caused and manage the conditions.

Preventive Dental Care and Important Aspect of Children’s Dentistry

Childhood tooth decay is not only common but is also concerning. Early childhood decay exposes children to the issues of gum disease and tooth loss in later life. Preventive care is incredibly important. Taking the child to regular dental visits teaches children how to fight tooth decay. Establishing such oral healthcare habits is beneficial for overall dental hygiene and a preventive measure against tooth decay.

Children’s dentistry detects cavities before they assume severe proportions. The dental facility uses low radiation dental x-ray technology to view things invisible to the naked eye. Cavities do not exhibit any symptoms until they grow in severity and require root canal treatments. An intensive procedure in early life can be significantly uncomfortable for your child. Therefore it is essential to get to tooth decay before it begins damaging the child’s teeth.

Preventive care is not just about brushing and flossing. Pediatric dentists educate families on their children’s diet to prevent the child from having foods high in sugar. Children have a lesser chance of developing tooth decay when they have a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables bereft of added sugars. Furthermore, a change in the diet is beneficial for the entire family.

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