Responding to a Dental Emergency and Finding a Care Provider

Apr 01, 2021

A dental emergency is any oral health problem that causes pain, discomfort or increases the risk of developing complications. When you have a dental problem that increases the risk of losing your teeth or developing further complications, you should consider seeking emergency dental care.

When you seek emergency dental care, your dentist will offer treatments to relieve pain and reduce the risk of complications. If you have another dental problem that doesn’t require urgent care, your dentist might recommend another appointment.

Response in the Event of a Dental Emergency

Below are the different types of dental emergencies and how to respond in such scenarios:

Knocked-Out Tooth

Do you have a broken or knocked-out tooth? You might experience extreme pain, bleeding and be at a high risk of losing your tooth. Therefore, you should consider seeking emergency dental care to reduce pain and prevent complications.

In such a scenario, you can contact your dentist first and consult them. You can explain your situation, and your dentist will advise you on how to proceed. In the meantime, you can collect the fallen-out tooth, clean it and store it in milk or saliva. To increase the chances of saving your tooth, you can consider visiting your Holmdel dentist with the first hour.

Toothache and Swelling

When you have swelling or toothache that persists, you might have a tooth, jaw, or gum infection. Without early diagnosis, the infection might progress, causing further infections. Therefore, it is advisable to seek emergency dental care when you experience such symptoms.

In the meantime, you can try placing a cold compress over your face to reduce swelling. However, avoid pain-relieving medications if not prescribed by your dentist or physician.


Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth might be a sign of gingivitis. Therefore, you should seek treatments from a dentist near you. However, if you are experiencing bleeding after a tooth fracture or extraction, you might be at risk of complications.

In such a scenario, you can contact your dentist first and schedule an emergency appointment. Meanwhile, bite down a gauze pad or tea bag to prevent excessive blood loss. However, avoid rinsing your mouth since it discourages blood clotting.

Stuck Foreign Object

Do you have a foreign object stuck between your teeth? You might experience pain and discomfort. Sometimes, the foreign object might cause injuries to your soft tissues in your mouth. Therefore, you can consider seeking emergency dental care near you.

In such a scenario, try removing the object using dental floss or the tips of your fingernails. If the object is not removable through the above techniques, you can leave it without disturbing it. Disturbing the foreign body can cause injuries or irritation in your mouth.

How Do I Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

If you are looking for a dentist near you for emergency dental care, you can ask friends and family. Alternatively, you can check all emergency dental clinics within your location on google. Each dentist might have their specifics. Therefore, you can check their websites and consider the most suitable dental clinic.

Some of the factors to consider when seeking emergency dental care include:


Most dental emergencies increase the risk of developing complications. Therefore, you need a dental clinic near you for emergency dental care. However, the location shouldn’t be a deal-breaker since there are factors you should consider when you have a dental emergency.

Range of Services

When seeking emergency dental care, you choose your care provider depending on your condition. Therefore, if you have a dental problem, you should check if the emergency dentist offers treatments for such.

Having an emergency dentist who offers treatments to a range of dental problems offers convenience.


When you are choosing your emergency dentist, consult about their opening and closing hours. Sometimes, you might experience a dental emergency in the evening or the weekends. Therefore, it would be beneficial to have an emergency dentist who is open at night or during the weekends.

Dentist Near Me

Are you looking for an emergency dentist in Holmdel, NJ? At A&A Dental, we are open to emergency dental care and other services. Therefore, you don’t have to panic or stress out when looking for an emergency dentist.

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