Mar 01, 2021

An emergency dentist is a general dentist or a dental specialist that is trained to respond and effectively manage symptoms of dental emergencies.

Emergency dentists can help alleviate most day to day emergency dental problems while also preventing major complications from such emergencies by providing qualitative and effective treatments to the patient having such an emergency.

An emergency dentist in Holmdel, NJ can provide you these services should you need urgent attention in this regard as we are just a call away.


An emergency dentist comes in handy when you are faced with dental emergencies because these symptoms, when not correctly managed can lead to serious complications in future and that is why these services are available to you at Holmdel dentistry. A Holmdel dentist will always be on ground when such emergencies need attention and the service will be timely.

Not seeking a qualified dental specialist in an emergency situation can easily translate to preventable complications which would have otherwise been avoided.


The commonest reported medical emergencies are usually connected to pains and these can be experienced as a result of several factors such as direct trauma to the teeth which leads to pain and bleeding.

Scenarios that can lead to these include domestic accidents, contact sports and road traffic accidents amongst others.

You stand a better chance presenting early when you fall victim to one of the accidents mentioned above as a dentist in Holmdel will be on ground to handle such emergencies before irreparable damage is done as a result of late presentation.

Other ways in which dental emergencies can be recognized include signs of infections and collection of abscesses around the teeth and they should be seen with all seriousness because of the possibilities of unpleasant consequences which could result in future. Signs of teeth infections include toothache, swollen gum, loose teeth and sometimes bleeding as a result of brushing your teeth.

Lost dental fillings are also emergency conditions and these are exceptionally true when associated with pains.

Infected gums and increased sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures are other conditions that can lead to emergencies.


Some dental emergencies are difficult to prevent due to our lifestyles but there are a couple precautions you can take that will greatly reduce such emergencies and one of such precautions is to eat healthily.

The choice of meals you eat can affect your teeth positively and negatively so care should be taken when making these choices.

Some Vitamins and minerals are very beneficial to the care of your teeth and these include vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C and calcium of which can be gotten from fruits and bones.

Other precautions you can take include wearing protective gear when engaging in high risk contact sports so as to cushion the effects of blows to your teeth.

Aside from these precautions, regular visits to your dental specialist can help prevent a lot of dental problems.


The best action to take when you are faced with a dental emergency is to visit an emergency dentist but if for any reason you cannot do that immediately, there are a couple of first aid treatments you can initiate as an individual even without a dental specialist before help comes your way and these depend on the type of emergency in question.

For emergencies related to pains, you can use a cold compress as this can reduce swelling temporarily.

When you are faced with situations involving loss of teeth, endeavor to put the lost teeth in a container of clean water and present to a specialist as soon as possible.

Are you on any form of dental emergency and need help urgently or have been searching for similar information in the past? You can call our telephone number as an emergency dentist in Holmdel, NJ is waiting to be of service to you.

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