Dental Crowns and Bridges: What Are the Differences

Apr 01, 2020

A dental crown is a cap that is used to cover damaged teeth or in situations where the permanent tooth is lost. Dental crowns are connected to implants. A dental bridge, on the other hand, is utilized to fill the gap of a missing tooth to avoid rotation or shifting of the remaining teeth into the unoccupied spaces.

Dental crowns

Uses of a dental crown include:

  • Protection and restoration

A tooth that is worn down, damaged by decay, or is broken its function and appearance can be restored by a dental crown. After a root canal therapy or endodontic treatment, a dental crown can be used to restore the tooth. This procedure is associated with removing blood supply and the nerve to the toothso that it is debilitated, and the previous space that held the blood vessels and nerves is filled to hinder any infection with bacteria. After the therapy, the tooth is weak and brittle than vital teeth, therefore, making it more prone to fracture. A dental crown can protect the tooth from breaking. It is also used to hold parts of a cracked tooth together.

  • Stabilization

Dental prosthetics such as a denture or dental bridge can be stabilized and supported by a dental crown. For example, when a crown is placed between two healthy teeth, one might be on the side of the gap where the missing tooth was located. This creates anchor points where a bridge can be firmly fixed and held in place. You should try dental crowns in Holmdel since it is known for safe procedures performed by well-trained dentists.

  • Appearance

Teeth is a significant attribute to an individual’s face and smile and contributes greatly to the overall confidence. When veneer or laminate is not an alternative choice, a crown can cover damaged or discolored teeth. When there are small remains of an original tooth, a dental crown may be used for support and cover to a tooth with a large filling. A crown can be used tomask a dental implant and replace a tooth bettering the mouth’s appearance.

Situations where a dental crown is needed

  • To cover discolored teeth or misshaped teeth.
  • Advancement in tooth destruction
  • Presence of large fillings that require replacement
  • Fractured tooth
  • Improving tooth aesthetics

Dental Bridges

An individual may need a dental bridge if:

  • A tooth falls out as a result of decay, or it gets extracted by the dentist
  • Tooth damages beyond repair
  • Decay or infection that is deep within a tooth and a filling or a root canal cannot fix it.

There are several types of dental bridges

    • Traditional Dental bridges – it consists of artificial teeth. The bridges are cemented next to the natural teeth with the assistance of dental crowns.
    • Maryland Bridges – It is an alternative type of dental bridge. Using a framework consisting of metal or porcelain Maryland bridge can bond to the adjacent teeth. One of the benefits of using this technique is that it is not necessary for the dental crown to damage the adjacent healthy teeth.
    • Implant-Supported Bridges – It deals with decayed or damaged teeth. This type of dental bridge replaces several natural teeth with dental implants. Implant-supported bridges are known for their firmness.You can get your dental bridges done in Holmdel.
    • Cantilever Bridges – This bridge causes damage only on a few natural teeth, unlike dental crown damage. A cantilever bridge applies force only on one tooth. In some situations, this might be your best option.


  • CEREC Dental Bridges – A CEREC bridge is made out of CEREC crowns. The objective of the CEREC crown is to match your natural teeth completely. This is less costly and saves your time.

Problems that might emerge after getting a crown or a bridge may include:

  • It may not fit. Pain may be experienced when chewing or biting if your crown is too long.
  • Your nerve might be inflamed.
  • The gum tissue may become sore.
  • Grinding teeth. It may cause discomfort and pain.

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